Customer Testimonial

Teams and Team Working

A snowflake on its own is a delicate thing but when they team up they can shut down a city*.

People working together collaboratively, communicating clearly and supporting each other in the achievement of a common goal will always deliver better results than an unfocused group of individuals.

At the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

      • Have compared the characteristics and behaviours of their own teams with those of the most effective teams.
      • Understand the stages in team development and know how to manage their teams through each stage in order to deliver high performance.
      • Know how to improve the focus and direction of their teams and how to get buy-in to delivering team goals.
      • Have considered the quality of communications within their teams and how it could be improved.
      • Appreciate the need for openness in teams and have practised giving and receiving feedback
      • Be able to facilitate team problem solving and decision making sessions.

*Dr. Steve Marabol

Suitable for:  Middle Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Owners.

Duration: 7 hours.