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Powerful Presentations

Why do most people fear speaking in public yet some seem to love it?   Public speaking and presenting is not a talent, it’s a skill.  Learn how to engage, inform and inspire audiences and lose the fear of presenting. 

Workshop Outcomes – at the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to deliver presentations that engage and inform the audience.
  • Know how to structure presentations for maximum effect.
  • Understand how to use language, voice tone and props to capture and maintain audience attention.
  • Know how to employ effective body language and non verbal communication in presentations.
  • Be able to plan and prepare cohesive and well organised team presentations.
  • Answer adversarial and difficult questions with confidence.
  • Know when it’s appropriate and how to use PowerPoint and other visual aids to enhance a presentation.

      Suitable for: Middle & Senior Managers, Executives & Business Owners

      Duration: 7 – 14 hours depending on content and level of development of participants