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Open Space,  Group  & Team Facilitation

Teams & Small Groups

One of our specialisms is working with teams.  Whether the team is newly formed and needing to find focus and direction or an existing team who have lost their way and are not operating as well as they might, we work with them to help them agree where they want to get to, how they will get there and how they will tackle any obstacles that might block their progress.

We start with a no obligation meeting with the client (often a senior manager responsible for the team’s output) to identify the current situation.  We may also conduct confidential interviews with team members if the situation requires it.  Using this information we devise a process which will deliver the results required.  Typical team sessions last between one and two days with one or sometimes two follow ups in the months following.

We also work with small groups (up to 25 people approximately) helping them manage meetings in which the group members may be too actively involved in the content to manage the process successfully.

Our skill in working with teams and groups lies in our responsiveness to the participants needs, adapting and changing the processes when this is required while maintaining our focus on delivering an outcome that everyone can ‘buy in’ to.

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Large Group Facilitation

Sometimes organisations need to engage with a wider group of stakeholders than is possible through small group sessions. When large numbers of people work together in real time to address a problem they feel strongly about, and they do so in an open and transparent way, the benefits are remarkable in terms of ownership and commitment to the outcomes.

Using processes such as OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY (OST ™), WORLD CAFE ™ & APPRECIATIVE ENQUIRY we create ‘big conversations’ in which everyone is engaged and involved in the process of sharing information and exploring every aspect of a problem.  The atmosphere is one of energy and enthusiasm because everyone attending has chosen to be there and discussions remain focused because the participants are passionate about finding answers. These ‘big conversations’ result in a level of consensus that is simply not possible through any other means and produces valuable information, creative ideas, prioritised agreements and more. We advise clients on the whole process from sourcing and planning the venue to sending invitations.

We facilitate the event itself including capturing all the information and we produce a report of the outcomes for distribution to stakeholders after the event.

We recently ran an Open Space event for the Information Systems department of a client in the Financial Services industry.  They kindly made a short video of the event, narrated by them, facilitated by TW Associates.