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Making the Most of Time- Results Through People

Techniques and tools for making the most of time are very effective but only if we also change our behaviour.  Making the most of your time involves how you interact with and manage your team.

Workshop Outcomes – at the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Understand and appreciate a range of time management tools and techniques.
  • Know how to delegate effectively.
  • Have improved their communication skills so they get it ‘right first time’.
  • Be able to use assertive behavior to avoid taking on tasks that do not belong to them
  • Manage meetings so they stay on track and deliver maximum results in the minimum time
  • Have made plans for how they will change their behavior to deliver results

    Level: Middle managers, team leaders and anyone wanting to improve their time management

    Duration:  7 – 14 hours depending on content and level of development of participants