Customer Testimonial

Change Management – Taking the people with You

In 1995 John Kotter published research that revealed that only 30% of change programmes are successful.   15 years later a McKinsey & Co survey of business executives indicated that the percentage of change programmes that are successful today was…exactly the same.  The reason is almost always a failure of management to take the people with them on the change journey.

Workshop Outcomes – at the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Understand why change management projects fail and have identified the main causes of failure in their own organisations.
  • Know how to match change management tools with the ‘culture’ of the organisation.
  • Appreciate need for buy-in to change and know how to get it.
  • Have an 8 step process to making change successful.
  • Know how to build trust in a climate of change.
  • Understand and be able to manage people’s reactions to change.

      Suitable for: Senior Managers, Executives & Business Owners.

      Duration: 7hours