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Bausch & Lomb Advanced Management Development Programme

We designed and delivered a programme of training which was endorsed by the Bausch & Lomb University.  We delivered four workshops for the company, two in the UK and a further two in Italy for Senior Managers from France, Italy, Germany, UK and Republic of Ireland.  Each workshop in the programme was conducted over 5 days in a residential setting.  For over 50% of participants, English was their second language and the challenge was always to ensure the highest quality communication between the facilitators and participants and also between the participants themselves.  All subjects were explicitly linked to the 6 Bausch & Lomb ‘Cultural Drivers’.  The content of the programme included:

  • Understanding learning styles
  • Facilitative Leadership and Current Leadership Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
  • The Leader’s Role In Establishing And Maintaining A Motivational ‘Climate’
  • Understanding Personality Preferences And Their Application In Teams
  • Characteristics Of Effective Teams And Team Members
  • Diversity, Equality And Cultural Difference
  • Driving And Managing Change
  • Understanding, Interpreting And Using Non-Verbal Signals To Improve Communication
  • Questioning & Listening Skills
  • Assertiveness And Presenting Yourself With Impact

Galliford Try – Senior & Middle Management integrated programmes

For over 12 years we have been delivering the Galliford Try Management Development programme.  We originally designed the Senior Management Programme for Morrison Construction Group, a UK company operating throughout Europe.  When Galliford Try took over the Morrison group they asked us to continue running the programme for all their Directors and Managers and, in 2010 they commissioned us to develop a further programme specifically for the Middle Managers.  Both these programmes are externally evaluated and are endorsed by The Institute of Leadership & Management.  On successful completion participants are awarded the internationally recognised ILM certificate (level 7 for the Senior Management Programme and Level 5 for the Middle Management Programme).

The Senior Management programme is delivered over an 18 month period and consists of 4, 3 day workshops plus a work based project and a 1 day follow up to evaluate the participants’ application of their learning.

The Middle Management Programme is delivered over 12 months and consists of 4, 2 day modules, a work based project and a written assignment.

The 4 modules in the programme are:

Senior Management Programme

  • Leadership & the Team
  • The Leader as Coach
  • The Interviewing Toolbox
  • Leading Innovation

Middle Management Programme

  • Leadership Foundations
  • Managing People
  • Communication Skills
  • Managing Meetings & Presenting Information

Following an initiative by ABB to encourage greater team working throughout the organisation, we were asked to produce a workshop for the H.R. Department in Riyadh.  The department was operating as three separate units:  Recruitment, Training and Administration and our task was to design an intervention to bring these units together (29 people) and to help them agree how they would work more collaboratively, more like a team.  We conducted an online survey of the whole H.R. department to help us identify leadership styles in the team and any issues team members felt were affecting them.  We also interviewed the management and team members before embarking on the workshop.  In a 2 day facilitated activity participants agreed the direction they wanted to pursue as a department and the values that would guide them in their interactions with each other and their internal ‘customers’.  They also identified and prioritised the obstacles that were in place currently that could hinder them in achieving their objective of working together effectively.

By the end of the workshop the group had produced collective and individual action plans to remove obstacles and take the team forward.

As a result of the success of this workshop we were asked to run a further eight with senior management teams in Jordan and at various locations in Saudi Arabia.  We are continuing working with more groups and teams from ABB.

We have also run over 50 similar events for various construction/utility company joint ventures throughout the UK and also for teams in the public sector.