Customer Testimonial

Team Working

A snowflake on its own is a delicate thing but when they team up they can shut down a city*.  People working together collaboratively, communicating clearly and supporting each other in the achievement of a common goal will always deliver better results than an unfocused group of individuals. 

At the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Have compared the characteristics and behaviours of their own teams with those of the most effective teams.
  • Understand the stages in team development and know how to manage their teams through each stage in order to deliver high performance.
  • Know how to improve the focus and direction of their teams and how to get buy-in to delivering team goals.
  • Have considered the quality of communications within their teams and how it could be improved.
  • Appreciate the need for openness in teams and have practised giving and receiving feedback
  • Be able to facilitate team problem solving and decision making sessions.

Suitable for:  Middle Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Owners.

Duration: 7 hours.

*Dr. Steve Maraboli

Effective leaders inspire and influence the team so that their efforts, commitment and involvement result in them achieving their goals.

At the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to apply the most appropriate leadership style to different people in a range of situations.
  • Have examined how to use facilitative leadership to get the best from people.
  • Have planned how to create a motivational work environment.
  • Know how to delegate successfully.
  • Be able to facilitate effective meetings that deliver results.
  • Be able to communicate ideas clearly to individuals and groups in ways that both inform and inspire.
  • Understand team development and how to reach high performance in the shortest time.
  • Have identified their own personality preferences through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and be able to apply an understanding of personality type to their teams.

Suitable for:  Senior & Middle Managers, Executives & Business Owners.

Duration:  12-20 hours depending on selected content and level of development of participants.