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Negotiating Skills

Deal making is something we do every day, in one way or another.   The ability to make a good deal is crucial in any business, whether it’s a formal meeting to thrash out a multi-million-pound contract, or simply agreeing whose turn it is to make the coffee.

At the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Have identified their current negotiating style.
  • Be able to structure their negotiations using four steps.
  • Know how and what to plan for negotiating meeting.
  • Understand the ‘language of proposals’ and the ‘language of bargaining’.
  • Recognise and be able to respond to a range of verbal and non-verbal negotiating signals.
  • Manage ‘difficult’ conversations and negotiators with more confidence.
  • Have practised using an effective negotiating style in one-to-one negotiations and in teams.

Suitable for:  Middle & Senior Managers, Executives & Business Owners.

Duration:  7- 14 hours depending on selected content and level of development of participants.