Customer Testimonial

Diversity & Equality

Encouraging equality and appreciating difference is essential in today’s workplace.  We all need to be able to interact confidently with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures beliefs and abilities if we are to deliver a responsive, appropriate and accessible service to customers.

At the end of this practical workshop, participants will:

  • Appreciate that treating people with respect is about valuing difference.
  • Understand the need for an awareness of differences relating to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, faith and age.
  • Have examined a number of diversity and equality issues through the use of case studies, practical activities and discussion.
  • Be aware of the impact of behaviour and language in interacting positively and respectfully with people from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and abilities.
  • Have considered how they can apply their increased awareness of diversity and equality to improve customer care.

(Designed in association with Diversiton, Warrenpoint, N. Ireland)

Suitable for:  anyone in a customer facing role particularly where the customer base is diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, belief or ability.

Duration:  4 hours