Communication Skills

Excellent customer service is all about communication.  When customers feel they have been listened to, when customer service staff convey clear messages with warmth and empathy and they have the confidence to manage difficult situations calmly and with respect, the results are always positive.

At the end of this practical workshop participants will:

  • Appreciate the impact of verbal, vocal and visual communication.
  • Understand the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour and be able to use assertive behaviour to deliver positive results.
  • Have identified their preferred problem solving behaviour.
  • Be able to use questioning and active listening in problem solving conversations.
  • Be able to deal with emotional and highly charged conversations constructively.
  • Have a process for opening difficult conversations.
  • Know how to manage problem situations with confidence.

Suitable for:  Middle managers, team leaders and anyone dealing with internal or external customers

Duration: 7 hours

Communication is the lifeblood of any organisation from the smallest team to the largest multi-national.  The ability to communicate messages that convey real meaning and are clearly understood by those receiving them is an essential skill for managers and leaders at all levels.

At the end of this practical workshop participants will:

  • Be able to describe the communication process.
  • Appreciate the impact of non verbal communication in face to face interactions.
  • Understand the difference between sending a message and communicating.
  • Be able to select the most appropriate communication medium for different types of messages.
  • Know how to communicate information in a range of written formats including email using the appropriate tone, language and level of formality.
  • Be able to communicate a complex message using only verbal means.
  • Understand the impact of personality preferences on how we communicate and be able to match communications to the preferences of others.

Suitable for:  Middle & Senior Managers, Executives & Business Owners

Duration:   7 – 14 hours depending on content and level of development of participants